Glass Table Tops

table tops:

  • Square table top

  • Rectangular dining table top

  • Circular Round coffee table glass top

  • Oval glass table top

  • Custom Shapes

  • Annealed budget glass table top

Glass table tops cut to size for:

  • Dining table glass tops

  • Dresser glass tops

  • Bed side table tops

  • Outdoor table tops

  • Desk glass top

  • Coffee glass table Tops

  • Furniture glass table tops

Glass Table Top Edgework Options

  • Flat polished edges

  • Bevelled edges

  • Flat grinded edges

  • 45degree mitred edges

glass table top toughened
top table glass

Complete your desk or coffee table with an ultra clear glass top

glass top for desk. desktop glass

Types of glass for table tops:

  • Clear float glass

    Most common general purpose clear glass available in 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm thicknesses.

  • Ultra clear starphire glass

    Glass created with low levels of iron to give a stunning super clear finish without a hint of green.

  • Bronze tinted glass

    Glass with a tint of bronze

  • Spotswood glass

  • Dulux coloured splashback

    Choose a colour from the dulux colour pallet range