Perfect for pilates studios, dance studios, commercial factory spaces and warehouses or garage gyms reflecting a full length adding depth to your space. Mirrors can be propped up off the ground so the top sits at 2m, 2.1m etc to allow weights to roll underneath ensuring a full length head to toe image is reflected from all distances.  With 10+ years installation experience you can be assured that your mirrors will be installed to perfection. We have the ability to cut glass to size on site and install on many surfaces including bricks, plaster and concrete walls. If the walls are uneven we have to tools and equipment required to ensure the mirrors are installed flat on the wall reflecting a true image with flush joins.

gym garage mirror home gym mirrors in garage
Garage gym mirrors home gym mirrors 1830 x 1220 1800 x 1200
pilates salon studio mirrors in front of reformers installed in melbourne
pilates salon studio mirrors 2.6m high huge tall pilates mirrors professionally installed

Pilates Studio Mirrors | Dance Studio Mirrors

With our premium grade mirrors already featuring in hundreds of pilates and dance studios across Melbourne call or email us now for a free quote. All Glass is cut to size and installed to perfection to the mm. Our installation methods ensure each mirror is installed to Australia Standards. We are able to prop the mirrors up off the ground to any height ensuring full body length is reflected while standing on top of your reformer. All of our mirrors are completely safe for the family and kids.

Mirrors cut to size

We can custom cut our glass mirrors to any size to suit your space perfectly. 4mm thick mirrors, 6mm thick mirrors with polished edges available. Safety backed full body length mirrors available. Professionally installed in garage gyms, pilates studio, dance studio, training rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, walk in robes, bedrooms, ensuites, entry walkways, walk in robes etc.

Edgework options:

  • Polished Edges

    Standard edgework finish commonly found on 90% of glass in all thicknesses. This is also referred to as a pencil edge.

  • Bevel edges – up to 25mm

    Perfect to add a fancy edge around your mirror to add some bling and make your mirror standout in the room. Your guests will look twice with this kind of finish.