We have compiled the most commonly asked questions for your convenience.

How do I arrange to have your mirrors installed in my dance/pilates/yoga/gym/salon/warehouse/factory/garage/room or home?
Please fill out the Mirror Order Form and we will call/contact you ASAP. Sometimes even within a few hours if you’re lucky!

I need a full length mirror, what size do you recommend?
1800mm high minimum is required for a full body length reflection. 

How are your prices cheaper than other companies?
We do not have the same high overheads as other companies by saving on marketing costs and operating as a small business. We always have and always will offer fair quotes and pricing.

I need a mirror, how much do you charge?
Please check our custom mirror order page for pricing. The price depends if you would like to pick up your glass up, have it delivered or installed.

How much is installation?
Installation costs vary depending on the type of glass, the height, length, thickness, number of pieces required, your location and complexity of the job. Please fill out the custom order form for a individualised quote.

How much for a normal sized mirror?
Please let us know the size of the mirror you require in mm, cm or meters. One’s interpretation of a normal sized mirror differs. We have many great value options for common sizes perfect for your room or bathroom in our shop.

How do I install a mirror myself?
We recommend opting for professional installation as expensive specialist glazing equipment, knowledge, experience, skill and guts are required.
Do you install to Australian Standards?
Yes all our glass sold is installed to and complies with AS1288-2006.

What is the biggest mirror you can install?
We can install 3658 x 2438mm. This size requires a crane, weighs 134kg and does not not fit in most doorways.
The largest mirror in 4mm thickness we will install is 2.5m². Any bigger than this and you must move up to the thicker 6mm option.

How much does glass weigh? Can I lift my mirror on my own?
Most 4mm mirrors we sell and install weigh between 5-23kg. Larger 6mm thick mirrors weigh between 5-133kg depending on the size. To calculate the weight of glass or a mirror simply multiple the area by the thickness and then multiply by 2.5m. (Height x width x thickness x 2.5). e.g. 1.8m x 0.8m 4mm mirror: 1.8 x 0.8 x 4 x 2.5 = 14.4kg

Is the mirror safe?
We install to Australian Standards to ensure the mirror will never move with out special combination of glue. Our mirrors are installed as safety mirrors for your peace of mind. If someone were to run and jump into the mirror, the mirror would stay on the wall and may just crack with the glue behind the backing.

Do you offer pick up?
Yes, of course. We recommend bringing blankets, towels, tape and anything soft to make transporting your glass even safer. We currently maintain a 100% success rate for client picking up their own glass and transporting it safely home. We have special tape, foam and cardboard to assist with pick ups if necessary. Please be sure to measure your vehicle to ensure the size you are picking up will fit in your vehicle. You can push the back seats and front passenger seat down to lay the glass flat. Most cars will fit 1850mm in.

** Please note all glass products may cause serious injury or death if handled incorrectly. **

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